Why do I need to buy a wrist band to drink beer?






There are several reasons. Saint Charles Oktoberfest is very concerned about underage drinking. For this reason, we require the purchase of a wristband to facilitate the purchase of alcohol for those patrons of age. If you are 21 or older, please present your ID at one of the ID booths and purchase a wrist band for $3. Patrons can be served more quickly if beer vendors only have to look for your bracelet. Lastly, there is no admission fee for Oktoberfest, nor does our festival receive $ from St. Charles City or county. Proceeds from wristband sales go toward providing YOU a fabulous OKTOBERFEST in the years to come.

Can I bring my dog?

St. Charles City Parks Ordinance states that dogs are not allowed in Frontier Park 🙁 Dogs that are participating in the WIENER TAKES ALL Event may be in the park on Saturday, September 29th. However, please keep in mind that lots of people and children and loud noises will be in the park as well. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEHAVIOR OF YOUR DOG!!!


If you are looking for a park to let your pooch run free, check out DuSable Park on the north side of St. Charles.  See the website http://www.stcharlesparks.com/105/facilities/dusable-dog-park.php.


Why is Oktoberfest in September?

The question is asked every year, and the answer is marriage. Royal marriage.

The first Oktoberfest was held in October 1810 in Munich, Germany, in honor of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese. The celebration lasted a full week. Over several years, the festival expanded to several weeks.  Because Bavaria tends to get chilly in October, the festival was moved forward into September. To this day, Bavaria’s three week Oktoberfest begins in September and ends the first Sunday in October.

How do I enter my Dachshund in the WIENER TAKES ALL race?
Go to the EVENTS page on the left hand menu. Scroll down to the WIENER TAKES ALL Event to download the entry form.
Where do I sign up to run the Saint Charles Oktoberfest 5K?
Go to the EVENTS page on the left hand menu. Scroll down to the Saint Charles Oktoberfest 5K & Root Beer 1 Mile Fun Run Event to register.
Can I bring my stein from a previous year's festival?
Of course!  You can bring a stein from last year or even ten years ago.  It’s always fun to see our previous steins.
Can I enter my classic car in the Vintage Car Show?
We are in the final days. For more information, contact Elliot Cytron at 314-878-0534.
Where do I park for Oktoberfest?





St. Charles has an abundance of free visitor parking. Parallel parking is available along most streets including Main Street, Riverside Drive, and Second Street in the historic districts. There are also several large parking lots AND FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE from EPC off of Hwy 70 in Cave Springs at Exit 225 in St. Charles and from the parking lot between Element Church St. Charles and Spirit Halloween (formerly Office Max) on Wall St. off of Hwy 70 between Zumbehl Rd at Exit 227 and First Capitol/Hwy 94 at Exit 228 in St. Charles.




Where do I pick up VIP Tickets?





Bring your sales receipt and picture identification to pickup your VIP Tickets on Oktoberfest weekend at the VIP Tent.

Is there a Lost and Found at the Festival?

Yes. Come see us at the Info Booth next to the Katy Depot. Or email us at info@saintcharlesoktoberfest.com. Any items not claimed will be donated 60 days after the festival.

Is there a First Aid Station at the Festival?
The First Aid Station is located next to the Info Booth by the Katy Depot.

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