Obenheimer Express Band

In the seventies, after his participation to several bands in Alsace for almost twenty years, Eric Heilbronn, an accordion player from Obenheim in Alsace, (often dubbed « Bouvel », which means little boy) decided to form his own little group of 3 musicians called RICOSHOW Band, using only accordeon, drums and guitar, they started to animate weddings, village fairs, anniversaries, etc…..

As they became more and more successful, the band started growing, adding, saxophone, bass, trumpet and trombone.

Between 1975 and 1990 the band remained in the same configuration and appeared in 50 to 60 gigs a year (all this while being non professionals) mostly in Alsace, the french region accross the Rhine River from Germany.

The good ambiance in the band and the quality and the liveliness of its musicians made them become the undisputed leaders on the local venues (partys, carnival events, galas of all kinds)
Whenever « Bouvel » and his boys appeared it was always good times garanteed. Such venues frenquently lasted from 20h30pm to 06h00am, NON STOP !!!

In 1990 a second trumpet player and a female singer were added to the crew. Several senior musicians retired and new ones were recruted to remain with a 9 piece band.

Eric Heilbronn, the founder, retired from the music buisness (largely earned) in 2001 at the age of 63 handing over the leadership to his son Alain who keeps up with the spirit of the band « Stimmung » which means « having a good time ».

It is in 2007 that everything sped up.

After a venue on a fair in Germany, it was suggested to the band to export our Rhenish culture
abroad. Thus contacts were made with South Africa, Chile, New Caledonia, and the USA.
It is the latter that led us to Missouri.

The musicians have joined in an association called « OBENHEIMER EXPRESS BAND » in order to share our passion for « Oompah music » and « Stimmung » all over the world.
Come on and join the caravan to enjoy the « Oompah Music » !!!

Die Spitzbuam

Die Spitzbuam (the young rascals) are a five-piece German band from St. Louis, Missouri. Since 1992, the members have celebrated their German heritage by playing contemporary and traditional folk music from Germany and other European regions. The band has performed at dances and festivals in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio. They add a German touch to Weddings, Anniversaries, and any festival.

Heidelberg German Band

The Heidelberg German Band from Quincy, IL performs music in the tradition of the German Bier Hall playing Polkas, Waltzes and Big Band music from the 1920’s to 1980’s pop music. The band has been together since 1969 and performs throughout the Midwest.

The Klaberheads

The Franz Klaber Orchestra is Hamilton, Ohio’s oldest band. Although the FKO is a popular band at Oktoberfests and other German functions, the band has never been strictly German in nature. The original Franz Klaber Orchestra was founded in 1930 and led by Franz Klaber, a German immigrant from the Saxony region of Germany, who taught himself to play stringed instruments even before he had an instrument. He used to fasten a string to a windowsill and pluck out tunes!  He taught himself to play mandolin and violin, and later, the saxophone.

The first version of the Franz Klaber Orchestra consisted of a five piece band of fellow German-Americans that played a lot of German folk songs at gatherings and festivals of the Deutscher Hausverein, the local German Society. Franz Sr.’s vision was a band that mixed popular music with traditional German songs. Franz’s daughter Mary Ann sang in the band, and Bill and Franz Klaber, Jr. both joined the band while they were in junior high school. At the age of 24, Franz took over the band when his father died in 1963 (and played a gig the very next day after Franz Sr.’s untimely death).

Franz Jr. took his father’s musical passion and built upon it; leaving his own indelible mark by expanding the band, its repertoire, and instilling an enthusiasm and showmanship that is truly unique. Under his leadership, the band affectionately became known as the Klaberheads. It’s a name that is used for the band as well as the fans!  In 2006 he suffered a stroke and, through his unbelievable determination and courage, was able to make a comeback and resume performing with the band. Through therapy he was able to recover from his paralysis and regain his speech and the ability to walk. He even regained the ability to play his trombone and sing!  While he was recovering, he turned over the group to his daughter, Erika Klaber.

Erika has continued with her father and grandfather’s vision, and has put her own imprint on the group as well. At her father’s urging, she began to play her steel drum in the band. No one could have imagined how well this beautiful instrument would blend with German music!  With a Masters degree in Music Education and Ethnomusicology, Erika has been able to expand the musical repertoire, even adding some original music to the line-up. The fourth generation of Klabers are making their mark as well. Erika’s daughter, Emily Muench, performs regularly with the band, and several of Franz’s and Bill’s children and grandchildren have been apprentice and active members.

The Klaberheads have not only kept a family tradition alive, but have helped keep German Heritage alive musically in Southwest Ohio, as well. Because of the foundation Franz Sr. laid down, and Franz Jr. helped build upon, the Klaberheads have expanded their operating territory and have performed at Disney’s Epcot Center, Yuenglings Oktoberfest in Bethlehem, PA.,  Oktoberfests in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Lexington, Minster, Maysville, Owensboro,  and most recently, the Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas.

In August, September, and October, you will find the Klaberheads at your nearest Oktoberfest beer tent, leading the charge in fun. But the rest of the year, the band takes on a completely different musical appearance and make up. The Klaberheads perform at all types of venues from conventions, summer concert series, and dances. They even host their own New Year’s Eve dance – a popular event in Hamilton that draws a sell-out crowd. From crowd participation numbers to the horn driven tunes of Chicago and Michael Buble, from Big Band to rock ’n roll, the Klaberheads are accomplished musical entertainers that bring a high-energy connection to the audience. Versatility is what makes this talented group of musicians the band that’s in demand. The Klaberheads are the band for ALL SEASONS!

Euro Express

Euro Express is a German-American band specializing in traditional Oktoberfest style music.

Trixie Delight

Take all of your favorite bands from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and now…then, have them play your favorite songs, all on one stage, all in one night.  This is what the audiences coming to see Trixie Delight have come to love and expect from their favorite St. Louis cover band.  Sounds like a huge exaggeration, and biased self opinion made by the bandif you’ve never seen them before – but when you hear for yourself live, the amazing truth… you will become one of the many who show up weekly to feed their addiction.

Formed in 2001, Trixie Delight quickly rose to the top 4 of all of the cover bands in town.  Kelly Wild,  is the front woman/screamer/MC/ lead vocalist – and has become one of St. Louis’ top vocalists and is quite engaging with the crowd. The fact that she can cover songs by the male vocalists who had recorded them, and sound remarkably like the original recording – was an instant success.  People couldn’t believe their ears and eyes, when the band would perform songs from groups like The Doors, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. Now, add in covers of sexy, rockin’ female artists too – like Adele, Heart, and Gaga -starting to get the picture? Yeah…WOW!

The only way Trixie Delight could cover such a wide variety of songs, is by having one of the most versatile lead guitarists in town, and a rhythm section that is slammin’.  Steve Bunck on drums, and Clint Wilson on guitar, and George Potsos on bass.   They are some of the most talented musicians in St. Louis and keep the mood light and fun on stage. They round out the unique sound of Trixie Delight with their full bodied back up vocals.

The show tends to be a little more on the raucous and risqué side at bars and nightclubs, and adjusts itself accordingly to the climate of private parties, corporate events, and casinos.

Trixie Delight has performed for the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, and the St. Louis Blues organizations.  Kelly Wild has performed at times over the years, with 2 annual tributes at The Pageant – Celebration Day (a Led Zeppelin tribute) and El Monstero (a Pink Floyd tribute.)

Trixie Delight, is all about making the audience have fun while being treated to some of the best music and vocals in the area. So get ready to lose your cares for a few hours, and enjoy the show!



Boogie Chyld

Boogie Chyld is known for its diverse music variety who play everything from Motown, Disco, Classic Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Blues and everything in between. You will hear your favorite hits of today and yesterday – they play it all. Their mission is to keep you dancing and to keep your party going.

Boogie Chyld is a 6 piece party dance band compromised with both male and female lead vocalists, lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums. Depending on the event they can scale down to a 3 piece section or grow and add a horn section.

Crossfire STL

Crossfire has been playing the St. Louis area for over 14 years providing the best in variety dance music for bars, wineries, private events and festival. If the music has a good beat that makes people dance, they play it! Crossfire is a 4 piece band with 3 lead singers and everyone playing multiple instruments…they sound like a much bigger band! With a nice variety of music, theyare sure to please just about every taste. Come out and see for yourself why Crossfire is one of the most in demand bands in the area.

The Rough Ryders

The Rough Ryders first show was July of 2007. They play country favorites and rock favorites by Johnny Cash, Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, George Strait, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Miranda Lambert, Randy Houser, Little Big Town, Cole Swindell to Name a few

Plastic Kings

Plastic Kings is made up of the former lead vocalist and members of the band Contagious & perform the same songs and style that rock n roll fans love. Plastic Kings is a high energy rock show with big production and performing jaw dropping songs from the biggest names in Rock, pop and classic hits.

Chardon Polka Band

The Chardon Polka Band is known for being innovative and extremely adaptive with the ability to please almost any audience; whether it be 20-somethings at a college hang-out or the patrons of a local senior center. In their twelve years together, the band has made a name for itself by adding a colorful twist to the traditional genre of the polka.

Based in Ohio, but performing all across the country, The Chardon Polka Band is not your average polka band. They are a group that brings new life and energy to this traditional music. While the group has an extensive catalogue of traditional polkas, they are not afraid to bring their own tunes into the mix along with polka-pop covers of artists like Justin Bieber and Lady Ga Ga. The band got their start in the Cleveland music scene; playing countless area fairs, festivals, and venues. While remaining very active in Cleveland, the band can often be found taking their music on the road and performing at a variety of events across the United States. From performing at an NFL game to headlining for some of the largest Oktoberfests in the nation to opening for the prestigious Cleveland Orchestra; the band loves pleasing crowds anywhere and everywhere.

Super Jam

The word invokes the glory of a bygone era.
A time when the Rock was so immense only stadiums could contain it.
A time when a bad seat meant you probably weren’t going to see anything at the show except a cheap beer and some shirtless girls.
And that was fine.

The name of a mighty quintet of St. Louis rockers-nay-dreamers, who dare to dream that they can bring back those heady days of yesteryear. Bring back screaming guitars and killer rock poses! Bring back racks of keyboards and questionable fashions! Bring back ear splitting vocals and soul crushing bass! Bring back senseless drum solos! Bring back lava lamps and black light posters! SuperJam! A blinding beacon of light in a dark world of oppressive monotony…

Volkstanzgruppe Dance Group

The Volkstanzgruppe of the German Cultural Society of St. Louis is dedicated to the performance of German folk dancing and culture.

The Volkstanzgruppe consists of young adults ages 35 years old and up. Most of the members are between 35-60 years old. It is a relaxed, yet serious, atmosphere as they learn dances from the different regions of Europe. We would love to have you come and see how much fun it is to dance and be part of our group!

Jungendruppe Dance Group

The Youth Group of the German Cultural Society of St. Louis is dedicated to the performance of German folk dancing and culture.

The Jugendgruppe consists of boys and girls ages 13 years old up to 21 years of age. It is a relaxed, yet serious, atmosphere as they learn dances from the different regions of Europe. We would love to have you come and see how much fun it is to dance and be part of our group!

D’Fröhliche Schuhplattler

D’Fröhliche Schuhplattler was formed in 1976 for the purpose of upholding the traditions of Bavarian culture through Schuhplattler (dancing), music, and authentic Bavarian clothing (tracht).
The club has performed locally as well as across the United States.  We have been featured at many local festivals, including St. Charles Oktoberfest, and at dances we host in the fall.  (Click here to download our latest dance flyer.)
You don’t have to be German or have dancing experience to be a member.  We teach people of all ages dances that have been handed down from one generation to the next.  We also assist in providing outfits (“tracht”) to people interested in becoming members.
We hold practice, usually once or twice a month, at Laclede Groves, 723 S. Laclede Station Rd.  Non-members are always welcome.  Please contact us to confirm practice times.

Wir Tanzen Dance Group

The Wir Tanzen gruppe of the German Cultural Society of St. Louis is dedicated to the performance of German folk dancing and culture.

Wir Tanzen consists of young adults ages 21 & older.  It is a relaxed, yet serious, atmosphere as they learn modern German and shuhplattler style dances. We would love to have you come and see how much fun it is to dance and be part of our group!

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